Re: changing workspaces while dragging confuses gtk

On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 11:15, Shahms King wrote:
> I recently hacked up a patch to allow hovering over the workspace
> switcher while dragging something to change workspaces and in so doing,
> discovered a bug with DnD.  Specifically, after changing workspaces the
> DnD code "remembers" the window positions from the workspace on which
> the drag was initiated and basically pays absolutely no attention to the
> windows on the new workspace.  This means dragging and dropping only
> works on "sticky" windows, which is just about useless in this case...
> Obviously, at this stage in development it's a low-priority problem, but
> I'd like to know where I should start looking to fix it... (And what
> component to file it under).

Exact version of GTK+? This is supposed to work, and there is a lot
of code in GTK+ whose sole purpose is to make it work, though there
was a problem for a while with event handling (I don't remember the
details) that was keeping it from working.


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