Re: UNIX/WIN32 exports in 2.3.5

Lo J.,

On 05-03-04 (Fri) 14:40 +0000 J. Ali Harlow wrote: 

| I have been thinking of possible ways to solve the perennial problem
| of maintaining the win32 export files. Meanwhile, I have written a
| quick script which compares the functions listed in a win32 .def file
| with those exported from a unix shared library.

May be or not be interesting depending on what you want to do:

If you need to generate def files from public symbols listed in both
MingW and VC++ generated COFF object files, take a look at how
sylpheed/claws for windows does it:

Specifically here:*checkout*/sylpheed-claws/sylpheed-claws/win32/Attic/pubobj.c?rev=


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