Re: [bob brasko net: Re: Glib]


Bob Rossi <bob brasko net> writes:

> I think you are missing the point here. pkg-config doesn't build on some
> systems. Also, it depends on Glib to build. This is ridiculous. 
> I am proposing removing this dependency when building the minimal Glib.
> Is this considered acceptable?

pkg-config doesn't depend on glib. It comes with it's own copy of
glib-1.2 but you shouldn't have to worry about that. Then, glib
doesn't actually depend on pkg-config. configure only checks for it's
presense since we think that pkg-config should be installed when glib
is installed. This is just a convenience check to catch problems
early. pkg-config is not used at all during the glib build process.

Whatever, pkg-config is just a build tool. It doesn't need to be
present on the target platform and it should not be a problem to
install pkg-config on the build host (especially since it comes
packaged with all distributions).


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