Re: [bob brasko net: Re: Glib]


Bob Rossi <bob brasko net> writes:

> Ok, maybe I'm a little ignorant on how Glib works. How do I build a Glib
> with mostly data types? Does this depend on the pkg-config program? I
> checked out the latest sources and did a build on Cygwin. The
> ./configure needed pkg-config. So I downloaded that. For some reason,
> that depends on an older version of GLib? That didn't compile.
> Do you see how it would be nice if Glib could be ./configured in a way
> that only produced a library with ADT's?
> My point is, I would like to be able to compile the small Glib you are
> talking about, without depending on anything (OS specific in Glib or
> programs in the build system ). Is this possible? I would really like 
> to use Glib's data structures in CGDB.

You don't need to do anything special. If you compile glib, several
libraries are built. You are free to link only the libraries that your
application really needs. If all you need is plain glib, then link
plain glib only. If you use pkg-config, there's glib-2.0.pc to ease
this task for you.


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