Re: Adding error reporting to GtkFileChooser

Hi Guys,
	We've just had our weekly GNOME release team meeting. We discussed this
issue and I took an action to summarise the consensus we reached:

  + We are as concerned about the quality of the GTK+ API as anyone 
    else. There is no question that it is extremely important to GNOME.

  + However, our main concern (mandate if you like) is to release GNOME 
    at regular intervals on which people can rely upon. We feel that we 
    have a responsibility to help ensure that GNOME (roughly) meets the 
    schedule which we announce. The fact that GNOME release dates have 
    become so predictable is crucial to GNOME's success. We also don't
    like to force our users to disrupt their schedules - e.g. the Fedora
    Core 2 release is basically blocking on the GNOME 2.6.0 release.

  + Not withstanding all this, problems do occur and schedule slips must
    be allowed to happen if the seriousness of the problem warrants it.

  + In this case, we feel the decision is entirely in the hands of the 
    GTK+ developers.

  + If this GtkFileChooser API changes, we will immediately announce a 
    two week slip of the GNOME 2.6.0 schedule to allow everything to 
    settle down again.

  + All we ask is that the decision is made as soon as possible.

  + The release team is not laying the blame for these problems squarely
    on the GTK+ developers. We do accept that we are, at least patially,
    responsible for the problems by allowing GNOME to depend on a 
    development version of GTK+ without having a clear idea of the 
    schedule for that GTK+ release. We'll make more of an effort to 
    co-ordinate with the GTK+ team earlier in the release cycle in 

	(Jeff should have written this mail. I sound like some pompous layer
making a closing statement or something :-)


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