Re: Adding error reporting to GtkFileChooser

> > 
> > 	At the very least, we need a decision on this.
> It's really sucky, and it's our fault for tying GNOME to GTK.
> But I think we should get the API right; assuming we're not planning on
> jumping to GTK/GNOME 3 any time soon, people are going to be using this
> API in the wild for quite a while and we don't want it to be the only
> part of GTK that sucks.

No worries about that (it being the only part...).

I would vote for adding _checked() variants of the 5 or 6 methods that need
Also, we should do the error-less variants as #defines a la

#define foo (a,b,c) foo_checked((a),(b),(c),NULL)

that way, we keep the error-less variants out of the ABI. Tarballs will not
have to
be redone, but you'll have to rebuild the whole stack again (obviously). 

We can then quickly deprecate the error-less variants, but probably not for
to avoid possible DISABLE_DEPRECATED desasters.


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