Re: glib 2.3.3 and Windows

On 2004.02.29 23:04 J. Ali Harlow wrote:

If I don't hear any objections, I'll put together a patch to implement
this along with the other bits-n-bobs that are necessary first thing
Monday morning so it will be available for Owen to sneak into 2.3.4
when the USA wakes up.

Proposed changes: HANDLE -> 'void *'
gmain.c!g_child_watch_source_new: Add DuplicateHandle
gaim.c!g_child_watch_dispatch: Add CloseHandle
child-test.c: Move CloseHandle to immediatetly after child_watch_source_new
docs for child_watch_source_new: Add comment explaining that caller is
responsible for closing the passed in pid (and pointing out g_spawn_close_pid) and that GLib is responsible for closing the
  internal pid with a note that the value of GPid passed to the
  callback function may not be the same as originally passed to
New function g_spawn_close_pid(): NOP under UNIX, CloseHandle() under WIN32.
g_spawn_* changed to use GPid.
docs for g_spawn_* changed to explain that caller is responsible for closing GPids with g_spawn_close_pid().


I've now implemented this. I've tested with child-test and spawn-test
under Linux, and child-test under WIN32. Unfortunately, spawn-test
doesn't work for me under WIN32 (this is before my changes), so I'm not
able to test this bit. Something to worry about later, I think.

I also note that, under UNIX, child-test reports both children at the
same time (it should report the 10-sec first and the 20-sec later).
Again this is before my changes and can be dealt with in 2.4.0

Let me know if there is anything else you require.


I'm assuming by the fact that you raised no objections in your reply this
morning that you're happy with the principal here. If you have time to
give the implementation a once over that would be great.



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