Re: building glib for win32

Hello Tor & gtk-devel-list,

> When you say "in cygwin", do you mean "to use the Cygwin API", or just
> "building for native Win32 using Cygwin-hosted tools"?

Exactly: using the Cygwin tools to build libraries for native Win32.

> The -no-undefined should be automatically taken care of if you run the
> configure script correctly targetting for Win32 ("mingw").

Right, thank you, i somehow missed that earlier.  I've focused just on
building glib (2.4.2) since you wrote me, but i still have had no luck.  I
am using --host=i686-pc-mingw32, and/or --build=i686-pc-mingw32
and -mno-cygwin now to correctly target win32, but i have been unable to
build glib.  i'm using the latest cygwin packages (gcc version 3.3.1
(cygming special)) and i tried the Mingw compiler too (gcc version 3.2.3
(mingw special 20030504-1)).  i tried both sets of headers, and tried
fiddling with various headers in a few places but no luck.  i guess i need
to pass some magic options to gcc but i don't know what they are.

I know it's possible to build glib for native Win32 since i've used your
libraries.  But how do i do it?  Does someone know what it takes to compile
glib (forget gtk for now) with Cygwin or mingw?  i don't care how so long as
i can repeat the procedure.  i've read all the readmes and scoured the web.
i tried to search the gtk-devel-list archives but the search page does not

I have attached a bzip'd file containing a record of my attempts to compile
glib for win32.  Thanks for your help.


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