Re: signals versus vfuncs

On Friday, January 9, 2004, at 07:53 AM, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:

An important part of this is that we can always get the C++ instance from the C instance. We use quarks with g_object_set_data() to store a pointer to the 1 and only C++ wrapper instance in the C instance. Without that, the overriden C vfunc in gtkmm would not be able to call the C++ instance's method.

we do something very similar in Glib::Object, for the same reasons --- we store a pointer to the wrapper in instance qdata. in fact, we also store the pointer to the C object in "magic" attached to the Perl object, so to Perl developers it looks like a normal blessed hash, in which you can store whatever you want. there's a fancy black-magic hack in which we share reference counts between the Perl and C objects in order to ensure that they go away at the right time, completely removing the burden of reference counting from the Perl developer. it's very nice. ;-)

I see that Christof understands gtkmm internals very well. I'll be sending
relevant patch requests to him in future.


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