Re: GtkToolbar drag and drop

Marco Pesenti Gritti <marco gnome org> writes:

> > Random thought: would you want to know the GtkAction being dropped so
> > you could display the new toolbar button (perhaps in faded form or
> > something)?
> I think this is a very interesting idea. It would also perfectly
> integrate with current implementation of EggEditableToolbar.

I don't think that is a good idea, because

        - if the drag icon looks like the new tool item there is no
          need to display an additional copy of it.

        - what if the new item is not an action? It would be a URI or
          something completely different.

        - I think the Mac OS X way of showing where new items will be
          placed (show a hole in the toolbar) is very obvious

        - the same effect could be useful in a hypothetical dock
          widget when you are dragging dockables around. In that case
          displaying arbitrary widgets in faded form could be


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