Re: notebook widget (#72101)

Am Fr, 2003-09-26 um 10.18 schrieb anthony taranto:
> the inconsistant nature of tabs in gnome applications and the lengthy
> and unresolved nature of bug #72101 has me inspired to write a notebook
> widget that centralizes most of the diverging functionalities.
> my question is how to approach this. should i prepare it as a patch
> against the existing GtkNotebook? what i'm asking is, does gtk want a
> notebook widget with close boxes, draggable tabs, hot and cold running
> water kitchen sink, etc?

GtkNotebook is already so much of a kitchen sink, a little more won't
hurt... most of these features are already in bugzilla somewhere, see, so I guess we would be interested in
> or should i write a notebook class that inherits from the basic
> functionality of GtkNotebook? GnomeNotebook? EggNotebook?

Not sure if a subclassing approach would work, but maybe it would be
cleaner to leave GtkNotebook as it is and design a subclass for a more
dynamic MDI like scenario. 


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