color parsing confusion


I'm porting my app from Gtk+ 1.2 to Gtk+ 2.
With Gtk+ 1 I used "rgb:r/g/b" strings to store the colors, but Gtk+ 2
can't parse them in contrast to the GDK documentation. This is my trace:

GDK HTML-API: gdk_color_alloc - "any of the forms accepted by XParseColor"
Code: gdk_color_parse -> pango_color_parse

Pango HTML-API: pango_color_parse - "from the X11 rgb.txt" or "hex value"
(#rgb ...)
Code: "from Tk" -> parses "hex" (#rgb) and does a lookup in an
internal "rgb.txt" list

man XParseColor:
Parses the "following syntax: rgb:<red>/<green>/<blue>"
#rgb: "For backward compatibility" "but its continued use is not
Code: Just had a quick look (Xcms) ...

The X man page was my original info to decide the format.

Q: What is the preferred fix?

1. Correct the GDK HTML API
2. Add rgb / rgbi parsing to pango_color_parse
3. On X11 based platforms use XParseColor

Thanks for any comments


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