RE: OpenGL support in GTK+

> 3D support is not something a lot of applications need. The scope of
> GTK+ should be to provide a framework for applications to build
> on. This means that it should offer a couple of widely useful widgets
> and the framework to extend this set.

Not a lot of applications NEED to use the GDK functions, but they are there.
- You will argue that GDK is vital for GTK, but IMO, if you have a module
such as GDK, why shouldn't there be a module for OpenGL support?  

I do not think of this as bloating GTK, but as expanding it to further the
drawing capabilities. 

> If you argue that GL support belongs into GTK+, you can also argue
> that there should be a HTML renderer, an application server, a
> database as well as video and audio support. But all these things
> exist and they integrate nicely with GTK+, although they are not part
> of the toolkit.

HTML renderers do appear to be quite comprehensive, so IMO, they should be
Sound and video should not be included because I believe they are outside
the scope of GTK+.


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