Re: Open/Save dialog UI

On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 02:54:34AM +0200, Maynard Kuona wrote:
> I saw a post on this list about the file open/save dialog UI's and had a few
> suggestions. I posted this on forums and reproduce it here
> verbatim:
> Seriously, I think most of us, when we open a file open/save dialog box, we
> are concentrating on that. I think making them bigger will not hurt. I think
> 60% screenheight and 60% screen width should do the trick. I think the
> dialogs should be designed with this in mind, i.e., to work best at 60%
> screen width and 60% screen height, or whatever percentage is agreed on.
> Since there are going to be configurable to some extent(maybe) those who
> want them smaller can optimise themselves.

Don't forget that many people don't use most of the controls inside the
box at all, but just drag in the directory to save to and then add the
leaf name. This is much more convenient that having a bookmarks feature
inside the box, since you get the same bookmarks (ie, desktop/panel icons)
whereever you are, and use the same interface to them.

For these users, the box should be as small as possible to make this

(of course, allowing the drag to go the other way would be perfect, but I
understand that the current API can't support everything)

Thomas Leonard
tal00r at	tal197 at
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