Open/Save dialog UI

I saw a post on this list about the file open/save dialog UI's and had a few
suggestions. I posted this on forums and reproduce it here

Seriously, I think most of us, when we open a file open/save dialog box, we
are concentrating on that. I think making them bigger will not hurt. I think
60% screenheight and 60% screen width should do the trick. I think the
dialogs should be designed with this in mind, i.e., to work best at 60%
screen width and 60% screen height, or whatever percentage is agreed on.
Since there are going to be configurable to some extent(maybe) those who
want them smaller can optimise themselves.

I know this could be controversial, but think about it. Or maybe try and see
if you ever shift focus when you are saving things.

If I could GIMP, I would draw some mockups. I know many may think it would
be ugly, but I think it is very relative, it just a matter of getting used
to them being bigger.

And, I also would like the ability to be able to go back to the document
leaving the dialog open. But if I click on the task list in the panel, the
dialog box should jump back to front to remind me that I still have the
dialog open.

This might be a lot of stuff to digest so I will end there. Please critique

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