Re: [Usability] RFP: File chooser user interface

A second mockup is up at


For those of you who wonder, I've already sent two mails to the list, but I used the wrong email address, so they are both awaiting moderator approval.

Some notes on this one:
I made 'Select location' a label instead of a button. This is because I remembered that I do in fact not like things like that myself. The controls should be visible all the time as to not confuse the user. And if I don't want to use them, I can just press 'enter' in the file-field anyway. I didn't figure out how to make labels 'bold' in Glade .. :/ The 'Information' and 'Select location' labels should be bold.

Anyways.. I do agree with Calum in his latest mail, where he states that we should try to understand what we are making before doing the mockups. I made this mockup because there is one thing that has bothered me with all the fileselectors in the world to date:
They all have the filename box on the bottom of the dialog.

And no, I have no ideas yet on how to incorporate preview widgets, etc, in this design. Neither the Microsoft 'quickbar' equiv.

Vidar Braut Haarr

"Programmers don't die,
they just GOSUB without RETURN."

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