Re: [Usability] RFP: File chooser user interface

Right.. I'm like.. sleeping when writing this :)

I couldn't resist myself.. In the original email from Owen, he mentioned "Glade". Now, you must understand, today is my 4th day with Linux (RH9) as a workstation. Sure I've used it alot before, but only through SSH when developing server applications. So, anyway..

I had to install Glade, and try it. I installed Glade 1. It sucked. Not only was it bad, but since I'm not really good at this yet, I had trouble installing it as well. So, when I found out that it was bad, I checked if there was an update.. Glade 2 ! I installed Glade 2.

And so.. in 2 hours (including downloading and installing Glade 1+2), I've managed to cook up this thing:


I know that it doesn't look good, and that the 'Location' label is missing. But hey ! :) This is my first GUI application in years.. and it's my first Linux application ever ! Well, okay, so it's only a mockup, I know..

The two text-boxes Location and File is supposed to be dropdowns, but I was unable to resize them in Glade, so I just used textboxes instead.. you get the idea.

The first horisontal line isn't even supposed to be there.

The toolbar-items are not the items supposed to be there, they are only there for fun.

There should ofcourse be some folders and stuff in the white area below, but I found no 'nautilus-control' in glade.

Need ... sleep ... now ...

Vidar Braut Haarr

"Programmers don't die,
they just GOSUB without RETURN."

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