Re: Accelerator-only actions

On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 12:08:59PM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Also, imagine an editing UI for an applications toolbars
> and menus; if someone removes an item from their toolbars and menus
> entirely, isn't it weird and unexpected if the accelerator
> continues to work?

That seems like a function of the menu/toolbar/accel editor.  It
seems reasonable that the clipboard accelerators would still work
even if there are no clipboard items on the toolbar.  The mythic
editor could always be used to disable accelerators seperately.

The main place I see these being useful is for managing different
application modes.  For example, while a user is editing a cell in
gnumeric, or making an appointment in evo's calendar its nice to be
able to change action groups to switch the meaning of accelerators.

Where things get really interesting is for things like toolbar items
that you want to share between modes (bold/italic/underline
buttons).  To avoid flashing those in and out the app will need to
split those actions into a distinct group and redirect them under
the covers.

One comment on the patch.  Does each action truely need its own
AccelGroup ?  How much space will that consume ?  I had assumed we
would share an AccelGroup for an ActionGroup.

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