Re: Accelerator-only actions

On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 05:16, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> This is the last major API change which I want to get into the action
> menu code to make it ready for 2.4: Switch back to installing
> accelerators on the actions, instead of the proxies.

Question here - how does this work when overriding happens when
merging? if Edit/Copy is overriden by another Edit/Copy, how does
<Control>C go to the right place?

Also, imagine an editing UI for an applications toolbars
and menus; if someone removes an item from their toolbars and menus
entirely, isn't it weird and unexpected if the accelerator
continues to work?

> This is relatively
> straightforward except for a little problem with editing of
> accelerators. I'd be most interested in feedback on the way I solved
> this in gtkmenu.c.

Blech. :-) If you need to make GtkMenu know about GtkAction,
you should add gtk_menu_item_set_action().

IMO, object data should never be used for inter-module API within

But maybe a gtk_menu_item_set_edit_accel_path() or something would be


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