Re: input only event boxes

On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 16:25, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Looking good, I have some comments about the docs and see
> one apparent bug. Otherwise looks good to commit.

I've fixed up this now, except one thing I don't understand:

> +      if (priv->event_window != NULL)
> +	gdk_window_move_resize (priv->event_window,
> +				allocation->x + GTK_CONTAINER (widget)->border_width,
> +				allocation->y + GTK_CONTAINER (widget)->border_width,
> +				child_allocation.width,
> +				child_allocation.height);
> Coordinates look wrong here for the case of visible && above_child.

How is this wrong? And how does the coordinates differ from !visible and
visible && above_child? The INPUT_ONLY windows in both these cases go in
exactly the same place, except in the visible case there is a
INPUT_OUTPUT window at the same position, but under.

Am I missing something here?

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