GDK for GGI?


I'm wondering if anyone has looked into implementing GTK+'s GDK for GGI and if 
so, if such a work is underway, or how much effort it might take, and what 
caveats there might be.

I have seen the site but it looks like no work 
was ever done on it, just a guy asking for donations and providing an email 
address that is no longer valid.

I am interested in having some 2D GUI widget set available in GGI/GII (perhaps 
one exists already?) so that I can use it in a 3D application that's running 
the OGRE engine (  I have already got GGI to 
render to a texture that is then displayed by OGRE in 3D, using the memory 
target of GGI, and at some point, it may also be desirable to implement an 
OGRE target for GGI/GII for acceleration features.

Alternately, perhaps it would be possible to run GTK or other X apps inside 
XGGI.  XGGI seems pretty big, but perhaps this is a good way to get fonts?

Also, I want this to be portable at least between Linux and Windows, ideally 
also MacOSX and Unices as well.

Perhaps the most similar starting point would be to look at the DirectFB 
implementation of GDK, which is what I plan to do first.

Any advice, comments, suggestions regarding GGI or 2D libs are welcome since 
I'm more or less starting from scratch.


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