Re: --enable-debug

On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 22:35, Russell Shaw wrote:
> Hi,
> When compiling a gtk2+ app, does --enable-debug=yes create
> any performance penalty? If not, is it ok to have it enabled
> by default for released gtk2+ libraries?

* This probably should go to gtk-list, not gtk-app-devel-list,
  certainly not gtk-devel-list.

* If GTK+/GLib/Pango are built with --enable-debug=yes, yes, there is a
  reasonably large performance penalty (I don't have the numbers,
  probably 5% or so.)

There are three settings of --enable-debug:

 --enable-debug=yes: All debugging code, cast macro checks.
   g_return_if_fail() checks.
   [ default for unstable releases ]
 --enable-debug=minimum: Only g_return_if_fail_checks()
   [ default for stable releases ]
 --enable-debug=no: No checks. Not recommended for most uses;
   might be useful where code size was really critical.


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