Re: Which are the plans for Cairo?

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 05:11:32PM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote: 
>  void my_widget_render (GtkWidget *widget, cairo_t context)
>  {
>    /* Draw with cairo commands */
>  }
> There are doubtless going to be some areas where cairo won't be
> quite "GTK-ish" - the type names being one glaringly obvious
> one, but if we pay attention now, we can get most difficulties
> fixed.

Start with "cairo_t" - what if we had "gtk_t", what would that be ;-)

If nothing else you can't language bind that type to a language with
namespaces. surface = new cairo::t; or something
> But that's in the semi-distant future. First finish Cairo, then
> look at integrating it into GTK+, then look at a Cairo-based canvas.

Though if someone wanted to play around with a canvas it'd be a good
testing ground for Cairo and how to integrate it with GTK, I bet.


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