Re: GtkFileChooser API work

Am Die, 2003-09-02 um 05.59 schrieb Federico Mena Quintero:

> API: Is set_preview_widget_active() needed?
> -------------------------------------------
> In GtkFileChooserImplDefault, this just hides/shows the frame that
> wraps the preview_widget.  However,
> 	1. I don't think a frame or any other visible wrapper for a
>            preview_widget is appropriate.  This may prevent
>            applications from making the preview_widget as pretty as
>            they can, because they have to worry about the visible
>            frame around it or whatever appears in the final UI design.
> 	2. If such a default frame is not needed, then why do we need
>            set_preview_widget_active()?  The application which
>            installs a preview widget could just hide/show it on its
>            own depending on whether a preview is available for the
>            selected file.

Even with extra decorations, shouldn't the filechooser be able to hide
the decorations together with the preview_widget, using the hide and
show signals ?


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