RE: OK to stop using .def files for Windows builds with gcc?

Hans Breuer writes:
 > But it can't work reliable for glib (g_win32_*) and even less for
 > gdk-win32 which won't be build on *nix at all.

Ah yes, silly me, didn't think that far...

 > Doing so would force all people to work on msvc to either depend 
 > on your officail builds or duplicate work. This sounds like
 > effectively dropping the msvc/build alltogether.

True. That is not something I would want to do.

 > Why not try to generate a better .def file with every successfull
 > mingw build - from the generated binaries - and check them in with 
 > the other necessary changes ?

Hmm yeah, seems like that is the way it has to be done.

I.e. mostly build with mingw without a .def file, and now and then
check with nm what is missing, edit the .def file correspondingly and

 > Again, please don't remove them from cvs.


 > Couldn't the sometimes generated (our even only sometimes updated
 > manually by me) file simply be kept in cvs ?

Fine with me...


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