Re: GtkFileChooser API changes

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 21:47, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

> User-configurable bookmarks
> ---------------------------
> These are similar to the bookmarks you can set in the file selection
> dialog of Mac OS X Panther:
> The is that you drag commonly-used directories into the list on the left
> part of the dialog, and it will keep them for you.  This lets you access
> your "working set" of directories easily.  When you stop using a
> directory in your current projects, you just drag it away from the list
> to remove it.
> There is no public API for this, as it is the job of the internal
> GtkFileSystem implementation to store the bookmarks.  Currently
> GtkFileSystemUnix says "I don't support bookmarks", and
> GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS stores the bookmarks using GConf.
> The internal API in GtkFileSystem is this:
> gboolean gtk_file_system_get_supports_bookmarks (
> 	GtkFileSystem *file_system);
> /* Takes a list of GtkFilePath */
> void gtk_file_system_set_bookmarks (
> 	GtkFileSystem *file_system,
> 	GSList        *bookmarks,
> 	GError       **error);
> /* Returns a list of GtkFilePath */
> GSList *gtk_file_system_list_bookmarks (
> 	GtkFileSystem *file_system);
> Of course, there are the corresponding virtual methods in
> GtkFileSystemIface.

These are cool. I've discussed adding support of them in nautilus. I
called them 'favourites' in the volume handling email thread. These
should totally be shared between nautilus and the file selector. I will
soon start working on adding this and the volume handling stuff to
gnome-vfs, so this should be easy to use in the gnome-vfs GtkFileSystem

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