Non-semantic icon sizes

Currently, a various gnome modules register their own sizes
for icons .. e.g., the GNOME accessibility capplet registers
keyboard-capplet == 48.

Any size that is registered as a pixel size, rather than
an alias poses a problem for "scaling up" the GNOME desktop,
because every such size must be set individually.

But it's certainly ugly to register "keyboard-capplet" as
an alias for gtk-dialog.

What I was thinking to do was registering a scale of standard
sizes, and then encouraging people to always use aliases
to those sizes

 12  gtk-x-small
 16  gtk-small         (gtk-menu)
[18  gtk-small-medium  (gtk-small-toolbar)]
 20  gtk-medium-small  (gtk-button)
 24  gtk-medium        (gtk-large-toolbar)
 32  gtk-medium-large  (gtk-dnd) 
 48  gtk-large         (gtk-dialog)
 64  gtk-x-large

( I'd like to not have the gtk-small-medium and make
  gtk-small-toolbar either 16 or 20 )

Then, to scale up icons, all you need to do is redefine the
standard sizes, and everything scales up; e.g., go from
16,20,24,32,48 to 20,24,32,48,64

What do people think?

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