Re: GtkToolbar drag and drop

Havoc wrote:
- Throbbers and other items at the end of the toolbar would be the first things to be unmapped/relegated
                  to the overflow menu, instead of as now the last

This seems sort of like a fatal flaw to me. If the throbber is your
progress indicator, you need it to always be visible.

Marco had asked me to comment on the previous message, but i think this one is even better.. I've been largely convinced that throbbers could be easily discarded in browser type interfaces. I hope the new gtk combo allows the addition of entry-bar icon similar to that in IE and in mozilla. While a page is loading, progress can be shown using a spinning arrow for the location icon in the entry (see for some screenshots). There really is no need for a throbber (other than for marketing). Other than the throbber example can we really think of any other examples where you'd want an explicit packend toolbar item. I can't. THe flexible space idea is interesting, although from a toolbar editting stanpoint is odd, because its not really an object that you add or remove to the toolbar. Similarly i can really think of very few examples where it has usefulness.

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