Re: 2.3.1; traveling; request for bug help

Owen informed me that he also wanted the "---" milestone
bugs looked at, so here they are for pango.

--- milestone

- 120538 bug-buddy crashed
  need more information on this, like debugging symbols, steps to
  reproduce... I wouldn't be surprised if this bug is actually in bug-buddy

- 126840 crash after searching for Devanagari text in a search engine
  marked as NEEDINFO

* 125928 ABW in pango_script_iter_next
  patch from Owen confirmed by reporter

+ 122844 segfault in pango-markup parse functions
  simple patch, but it might not be right

* 121671 Va, Ya and La double conjugates not rendered properly in Malayalam
  patches from Owen confirmed to work 

+ 121672 Ra (vattu) not rendered properly in Malayalam
  no patch, but related to 121671, has a couple comments from Owen
? 121670 Chillu in Malayalam not properly rendered
  no patch, comments from Owen, "There are several parts to this: ..."

* 121882 decomposed vowels (AU, O, OO) in Tamil, Malayalam,Oriya, Bengali
  patch from Owen

? 121488 Thai modules display garbage
  patch given ok for 1.2 branch; not clear what's needed for head (is it
  just the one line config.h patch?)

? 124175 Thai combining characters shifted in framebuffer
  patch, depends on 121488

misc font stuff
* 122330 Apply opentype lookups in the right order
  patch from Owen

+ 123581 dummy tag for fontconfig
  looks like Owen knows how to do it

? 127420 additional font manipulation APIs
  no patch yet, shouldn't be hard, but not confirmed that it's wanted

* 123602 PangoFT2FontMap doesn't initialize resolution
  it appears to me that this patch was accidentally applied; added comment

- 123307 pango-querymodules hangs during install, requiring a SIGKILL to
  marked NEEDINFO

+ 126725 regression: pango_layout_get_pixel_extents weirdness
  needs test case; reporter seems to think this is an major bug

* 122167 cross build to win32 (MinGW) fails if not building in source dir
  simple patch looks ok to me

- 127346 Does PangoCoverage need optimization?
  more a question than a bug

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