Re: 2.3.1; traveling; request for bug help

I will rework my underlining patch as soon as Nico's is applied.  Mine
will conflict if I don't wait.  So, how can I know when his gets

Also, if I understand kerning right (which character's em is used if
font size is different... I will be checking this in InDesign before
writing my patch), my kerning patch should be ready tomorrow or
Wednesday, along with my underlining patch.  I will try to keep them


On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 06:25, Nicolas Setton wrote:
> > > Second (bug #114237), the best underlining patch so far for this would
> > > have to be the one referenced in:
> > >
> > 
> > Cool. Nicholas Setton, would you like to attach your latest
> > patch to that bug?
> Done, I attached the latest patch, taking into account comments from the
> experts, on bug 114237. See this bug for comments about the patch. (This
> is a patch against the CVS head, both for gtk+ and pango).
> Nico
"...the measure of a man is what he will do for another man, knowing he
will get nothing in return." -- Unknown

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