Re: [gtkmm] C & C++ exceptions, FAQ 4.6

( Hoping CC to gtk-devel-list is appropriate )

Le Jeudi 6 Novembre 2003 18:48, Murray Cumming Comneon com a écrit :
> > Reading the FAQ, I found item 4.6 and it  reminded me I had the
> > same troubles using at-spi callbacks and C++ exceptions.
> > It is easly solved on gcc by compiling the C libs with
> > -fexceptions flag.
> > Is there any reason for Gtk & Gnome not to be compiled with this
> > flag by default ?
> >
> > I found it really useful to add it in my local .jhbuildrc.
> You should ask the GTK+ people about that, but I suspect that they
> will not want to use it simply because it is not the default. It
> would be difficult to ensure that every rpm and deb of GTK+ was
> compiled with it.

I'd expect C ABI to be completely unaffected by this flag, so it 
wouldn't matter is there is a mix between apps and libs compiled with 
or without the -fexceptions flag, so you wouldn't have to ensure that 
every rpm and deb of Gtk+ was compiled with it.

Of course, unable to garantee that Gtk+ would be compiled with this 
flag, you (Gtkmm) wouldn't be able to make any promise. It would only 
be a matter of "quality of implementation" : if your Gtk+ library was 
compiled with gcc and the -fexceptions flags, your exceptions will be 
propagated, otherwise, you will be warned at runtime.

If the Gtk+ configure script sets this flag, I have no doubt packages 
would follow.

I don't see any downside in setting this flag when possible, and it 
might be useful, so why not ?


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