Re: question about list

On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 02:29, Liu Neo-W4135C wrote:
> expertises,
> i'm a newbie in GTK and have several questions about list in GTK. your
> kindly help will be greatly appreciated.
> 1. GtkList and GtkListItem are deprecated in GTK2.x. why? just because
> 2.x use a new MVC model, or there are some other reasons.

The basic principle is that we only want one set of list widgets; since
GtkTreeView is a much more powerful and flexible system, the old
widgets are marked as deprecated.

(Multiple columns, tree structure, DND, model/view, sorting, and
20 or 30 other features...)

> 2. Neither GtkTreeViewColumn or GtkCellRenderer is a widget container
> and loses the flexibility of complex layout and composition in an list
> item. is there any plan to improve this in the future?

No, we don't consider it a problem. You can do the same things other
though this isn't the right list to discuss how to use GtkTreeView.
> 3. i checked the source code in both 1.x and 2.x and found the code of
> GtkList and GtkListItem is not completed yet. anybody knows the
> reason?

These widgets haven't been the preferred way to do a list for about
5 years now. (GtkCList was the preferred widget for GTK+-1.2.) 

Despite that, I think they are "complete". Certainly as complete
as they'll ever be. (GtkTree, on the other hand, never worked.)


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