Re: questions about list

Liu Neo-W4135C <W4135C motorola com> writes:

> expertises,
> i'm a newbie in GTK and have several questions about list in GTK. your kindly help will be greatly appreciated.
> 1. GtkList and GtkListItem are deprecated in GTK2.x. why? just because 2.x use a new MVC model, or there are some other reasons.
> 2. Neither GtkTreeViewColumn or GtkCellRenderer is a widget container and loses the flexibility of complex layout and composition in an list item. is there any plan to improve this in the future?
> 3. i checked the source code in both 1.x and 2.x and found the code of GtkList and GtkListItem is not completed yet. anybody knows the reason?

This list is meant for the development of GTK+, and not for development
an application using GTK+.  Please take your question to


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