Re: GtkColorPickerButton

On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 10:06, Jody Goldberg wrote:

> > In any case, implementing this will have to wait until Kristians gridded
> > menus land in CVS.
> I don't think so.  The implementations in Gnumeric have given us a
> fair amount of user testing.  One of the main remaining suggestions
> there is to put the palette in a notebook with tabs on the side for
> selecting from an array of palettes.   I'm not advocating the
> current code in gal for general use, as it is canvas based.
> However, the general division of the classes seems like a good
> starting point.

Kristian is working on gridded-picker/combo thingies. We certainly
shouldn't have other gridded-picker/combo thingies which don't
use the GTK+ gridded-picker/combo thingy code :-)

 A) if you are fond of the general division of the Gnumeric code,
    then you should push Kris in that direction (of course,  
    Kris still needs to present what he is working on :-)

 B) I suppose we could throw something into CVS with a different 
    backend implementation and then replace it, but that only
    makes sense to me if the different backend is really simple
    (couple of hundred lines of code) and I don't that's the
    case for using the GtkExtra or GAL widgets.


[ Another possibility would be to put Matthias's current widget
into CVS, call it something really generic (GtkColorPicker
or GtkColorButton) and then choose the implementation we want
later ]

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