Re: Thinking about GtkFileSystem

Ettore Perazzoli <ettore ximian com> writes:

> I think we'll want symlink and permissions; the former to decide when to
> superimpose the "arrow" icon, and the latter to gray out the files that
> cannot be opened.
> Probably the permission field doesn't need to be the full permission
> bitfield though, the backend could just say if the file is
> readable/writable for the current user and the GUI would gray out items
> accordingly.


If you do include a complete permission bitfield, please do remember that
sometimes the usual interpretation of stat.mode_t for a particular file
will not be the same as the results of access(2). This happens for example
when using a file system with "real ACLs", like AFS. Therefore, you'll
still need another bitfield with just the access(2) info.


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