Re: How Can I get gtk develop library? such as socket and pthread

On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 15:39, 张国全 wrote:
> 	            I use gtk1.2 in tru64-unix & gtk 2.0 in my redhat PC and I can not use man to get library?
> can anybody tell me how?  

I am not sure if I understand you.

Do you want to:

- develop a graphical application that uses sockets and threads?
- develop an application that uses sockets and threads and you are
looking for a helper library to ease development?
- ...

In any case:

- GTK is a library with which you can develop graphical user interfaces.
- If you want to develop a GUI with GTK, it would be best if you have
the same version of GTK on all the machines for which you are
developing. Otherwise you would have to deal with stuff being in GTK 1.2
but not in 2.0 and vice versa, ...
- Glib is a library that wraps the "local" thread implementation
(besides other stuff which is quite handy)
- Sockets are wrapped by the Gnet library (if I recall correctly)
- If you are just interested in normal threads and sockets programming,
then consult the documentation of your C-Library. This would be the
glibc in case of your Red Hat system (or any other Linux system). The
documentation is in the glibc info files, you can read the documentation
(if it is installed) with e.g. one of these commands:

- "pinfo libc" (preferred one, easy navigation, install the pinfo
package if the command pinfo is not found)
- "info libc" (original info reader, really strange to use)

I hope that answers your question.

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