Re: Adding a new GSpawnFlags flag?

Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> writes:

> Would it be OK to add a new Win32-specific GSpawnFlags flag, say
> G_SPAWN_WIN32_NO_QUOTING? Discussion in the comments for bug #104014.

As I understand, the proposal is, that unless this flag is added,
g_spawn_*() would add quoting so that when the Microsoft C runtime
reconstructed the argv from the command line, it got the same argv
as that passed 

When this flag was added, GLib would simply concatenate the arguments
together with spaces to get the command line?


 - Any API addition would, of course, be HEAD only.

 - I'm not sure I understand when you would want to use this flag.

   It seems to me that the only time it would be useful is if
   you had a program that:

    A) Can handle arguments with embedded spaces, tabs, and 
       quote characters

    B) Follows quoting conventions that are different from 
       Microsoft's quoting conventions yet known to the 

   This seems like an unlikely state of affairs for a win32 

   (I seem to remember that Cygwin has some special 
   hacky argv passing mechanism when calling another Cygwin
   program to deal with command line length limitations.)


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