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At 11:38 07.01.03 -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
>James Michael DuPont <mdupont777 yahoo com> writes:
>> --- Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
>> > 
>> > James Michael DuPont <mdupont777 yahoo com> writes:


>> > I'm am also concerned about the difficulty of compiling the Win32
>> > port of GTK+ currently, but any fixes (and the biggest one is
>> > simply documentation) absolutely need to be done in conjunction 
>> > with Tor.
>> Tor knows about my issues, and hans as well. 
Tor and me have tried to explain our build environmnts in :

If there is something unclear if using a similar environment we 
would probably both try to explain better :)
But at least me does not know nothing about debian and cross 
compiling for windoze, it's simply out of my business.

>> Hans told me to go to hell after i asked him for the sources for the
>> dlls he is posting, according the GPL.
Oh really ? Never noticed. Putting JMD on my personal trash list
because of the signal-to-noise-ratio of his mails doesn't count, 
does it ?

My sum up of a whole bunch of mail accusing me for violating
the GPL is on the dia-list :
>> Tor is a lot nicer, and has been helpful.
He definitely is :-)

Owen's sum up on the same theme is here:


>Let me just lay down a ground rule here -- this is my personal
>opinion, but I don't think any of the GTK+ team will disagree:
> - We take LGPL compliance seriously. If someone is distributing
>   binaries of an LGPL library, they typically have an obligation 
>   to provide the sources as well. If someone sees problems
>   in this area with respect to libraries maintained by the
>   GTK+ team, please contact the GTK+ team privately. 
>   (Mail me, or gtkdev gtk org)
> - Being able to compile our libraries easily is important;
>   if the libraries are hard to compile, then we will get
>   less contributions.
Owen, how do you think cross-compiling does fit into this picture ?
MHO still is that the improvement of the win32 port (in the Gtk sense)
does require to build or at least debug on win32. 
And I'm still assuming that most interested win32 developers do have 
access to the Micro$oft tool chain.

> - These two isues are entirely unrelated. If people are 
>   unhappy with the ease of compilation of GTK+ on a platform,
>   they should work on making it easier (as you seem to be
>   doing), not try to force people to make it easy to compile
>   for them by GPL lawyering.
Couldn't agree more ...


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