Re: Some initial thoughts about 2.4

Hi Folks:

At one point I thought there was talk of integrating desktop icon sets
with gtk+ stock icons... I think we could benefit significantly from
some kind of reworking of how icon sets are handled in gtk+.  For
instance, at the moment replacing the GTK+ stock icons in a theme is
messy for several reasons:

* you have to specify separate image files for every icon, in the RC
* you keep the precompiled default icons around (though of course they
page out)
* the gtk+ stock icons are likely to live somewhere other than the other
* the only way to reliably respecify icon size is to use *only*
rescalable/wildcarded icons in the RC file, or provide pre-scaled icons
for each non-wildcarded icon/nominal-size combination, further
increasing the size of the RC file.

There are other issues as well, I think.  So I believe that some
rethinking of the icon API with possible extensions would be a good
idea.  At the least, it'd be nice to integrate the GTK+ stock icon
mechanism with the desktop-icon-set mechanism if possible.




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