Re: Some initial thoughts about 2.4

Daniel Egger <degger fhm edu> writes:

> Am Mit, 2003-01-01 um 18.49 schrieb Sander Vesik:
> > I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this - while its true that
> > you want the reordering to be architecture speific to an extent
> > (so you take page size into account) I doubt that you'll find a
> > usefull reordering that took either the tlb size or associativity
> > into acocunt.
> Exactly that's my point. This optimisation would have to be per CPU and
> OS and not per architecture, which means that it cannot be done globally
> for any architecture people are not compiling Gtk+/Glib themselves for.

Note that my original mention of function-reordering was as something
that could be done on the OS/tools side to make GTK+ startup times
better, not something to do as a GTK+/GLib improvement.


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