Re: Thoughts about a new GdkPixbuf transform interface

Matthias Clasen wrote:
| dest_x |   | offset_x |     | m00 m01 | | src_x |
| dest_y | = | offset_y |  +  | m10 m11 |*| src_y |
Yes, this is exactly what affine is. It can be represented a bit more neatly

|dst_x|   | offset_x m00 m01 |   | 1     |
|dst_y| = | offset_y m10 m11 | * | src_x |
                                 | src_y |
Thanks :-)
It is a bunch of numbers anyway... I hope most people understand if we give any
of this formulas in the docs.
Actually, I would personally love to see this extended to projective
transformations by extending the matrix to a 3x3 matrix.
We'll need 4x4 matrix for 3d transformation if we want to have offset included :-)
 - "render", "do the transform", then why we need any more arguments? 
They select the rectangle which actually gets rendered.
Useless for me, not necessary useless for everyone...
What's this?!
Absolutly no idea what this is all _about_.
See section 9 of the Xrender specification for this:
Thanks. Intresting read.

M-m-m... I think I've just got annoyed because Owen took my patches (I spent much time writing it)
and here is the original message :-(

If someone want to see transformation working, grab patches from
(apply to 2.2.1 or compile separately with hand-written Makefile, whatever you think faster/better)
Three demos included (rotating sprite, tank, locomotion)

Someone want me to replace my gdouble[4] + parameters to GdkPixbufTransform object and post
patches again? I can also contribute lines/arcs/polygons drawing, and (after thinking for
a while) clipping region.

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