Re: My schedule, 2.4 schedule

Matthias Clasen writes:

 > -  101792 g_dir_read_name: filename encoding on Win32
 >    not clear what to do here

This is not terribly important. But still, would it be a good idea to
add g_dir_read_name_utf8(), and g_open_utf8(), g_fopen_utf8(),
g_stat_utf8(), g_mkdir_utf8(), g_unlink_utf8(), g_rmdir_utf8(), etc?
(What other common file-name-taking ISO C / POSIXish functions are

 > -  120299 Win32 iochannel/g_poll/etc code needs rewrite
 >    no patch, sounds like a lot of work

The actual rewrite most probably won't happen in time for 2.4.0, but
could the suggested (minor) API addition (with dummy implementations)
be included in 2.4?


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