Re: Callback data on GtkActionEntry and friends?

On Tuesday, December 23, 2003, at 06:58 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:

Am Mi, den 24.12.2003 schrieb muppet um 00:42:
Is there any reason that GtkActionEntry, GtkRadioActionEntry, and
GtkToggleActionEntry do not include user_data to accompany the callback

Well, nobody complained when Owen proposed to get rid of the per-entry
user_data pointers
( msg00205.html)

i guess my not being around at that point is not really an excuse... and, honestly, this is the only reason that per-entry user_data would be of any use --- from a C perspective it is indeed not useful.

The lack of such a member means i must completely reimplement
gtk_action_group_add_actions() and friends in gtk2-perl.  Not the end
of the world, but it seems silly to duplicate that effort (and
maintenance) if there's a way around it.

What do other language bindings do to work around this problem ?

actually, it's beginning to look like i'll need to reimplement it anyway for other reasons, so i guess my path is chosen for me.

so, eh, thanks for the quick answer.  :-)

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