Re: [Fwd: gdk_event_get doesn't get GDK_EXPOSE]

Em Seg, 2003-12-15 ās 19:53, Owen Taylor escreveu:
> The reason you haven't gotten any response there is most likely 
> that you didn't provide enough information in your mail.
> Code snippets or better yet, small complete compileable examples
> often help make questions clear.
> Will help get you oriented so you can ask the question, on
> gtk-app-devel-list, in a way that will get a response.


	Thanks for your help. The question is: "how can I code
this very "scribble" sample using _only GDK_ ? That is, how do
I handle expose events using only Gdk and not Gtk ?"

	About the software: I need to port some GPIB code from
DOS to Linux that uses Microsoft Quick C "graph.h" API. I haven't
read the code fully, but it seems that the data acquisition code
is sufficiently mixed with the GUI, so that I decided to leave the
original code unmodified and use a wrapper library instead of
extracting the data acquisition code and just throwing away the
graph.h API. This library has functions like _rectangle, _outtext,
_line_to, etc. I chose using Gdk because it implemented the same
functions in its own way. Note that nothing in the code needed Gtk,
because screen objects like menus and windows were implemented in
the code. All was going fine, except that I wasn't able to receive
expose events. There seems to be a simple solution like "scribble"
by just removing all GDK_window and GDK_events functions and changing
them to GTK_widgets and g_signals but it seems to me that this is a
dirty hack... How come that gdk isn't able to handle expose events by
itself ? Gtk works fully over Gdk, isn't it ? So how does it trap the
events ? (well, that question is apropriate to ask here :-D).

	Henrique Dante de Almeida
	hdante terra com br

> Thanks,
> 						Owen

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