Re: #101293, again

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 12:31, Gregory Merchan wrote:

> The presence of the window manager close button on modal dialogs is
> itself a bug. On this point, even Windows and MacOS HIGs agree, though
> for Windows the button may be just disabled. The reasons are plainly
> stated in Cooper's About Face 2.0.

So, a few things about the change I'm about to make:

1. Hitting Escape will activate the "close" signal.  We need this signal
due to the way actions and bindings work.

2. The default signal handler for "close" will synthesize a delete_event
on the dialog.  No checking for Cancel buttons or anything like that.

3. If you don't want Esc to close the dialog, or if you want to pop up a
confirmation window or something, just connect to "delete_event" and
override the signal.  This is what you do to do, anyway, if you have a
toplevel document window and want to present a close-confirm dialog when
the user hits the window manager's [X] icon.

4. Not having an [X] icon in a window frame is the shared job of the
application, which should indicate that the window does not support that
function, and the window manager, which should note that and not paint
the icon.  If the GtkDialog API can help in any way here, please make
suggestions!  Otherwise, you can just call gdk_window_set_functions()
and hope that the window manager will do the right thing.

5. You *will* get delete-events even if you disable that function in
your application, as the user may be running a sucky window manager.  So
the best place to override things, anyway, is the delete-event handler.


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