Re: #101293, again

On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 22:30, Gregory Merchan wrote:

> Right now, for example, there's a bunch of hubbub about window management.
> The widely misunderstood idea of a viewport has even appeared again. The
> GIMP is considering using incorrect window types because some users are
> unhappy with the way Metacity treats the correct window type. There was
> until recently a fracas over window management keybindings conflicting
> with app keybindings. There are an absurd number of feature requests
> for the poorly named Window List Applet. Ignoring all the whining,
> there are still "not built to spec" bugs to be worked out in Metacity;
> such as focus tracking.

Fix Metacity, then.  I spent a few days fixing the bug where the window
list wouldn't group some windows correctly (e.g. Emacs), and now it is
lovely.  Things have to be done one step at a time.

> The same goes for this change. Don't do it. You've already got two
> of the design people (Calum and me) saying no. None, not a one, of
> the instant apply windows works the way it's supposed to, and you're
> suggesting breaking it more. If you're itching to do something,
> implement Undo for all of these windows, as they were supposed to
> have it from day one.  Better still, talk to Seth or Bryan Clark
> about the UI of the file chooser, and fix that.

If some dialogs lack a way to cancel the things that you do inside them,
then file bugs against those applications.  It is not an issue that can
be fixed once and forever in GTK+.  If there is a chance that closing
the dialog outright and canceling all your changes is *not* what you
wanted to do, then override the default handling with a confirmation
dialog or whatever.

#101293 is an API issue.  I sent a patch to nautilus-list the other day;
it used a custom value for the response code of Cancel buttons in a
couple dialogs, instead of using GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL, and thus Escape
did not work in those dialogs.  This is ridiculous.


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