Re: Pango memory leak

On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 10:36, Brandon M. Reynolds wrote:
> I'm new to Gtk/Pango programming, so I could be wrong here.  But I think
> there is a memory leak in the function pango_layout_check_lines().  This
> function declares a variable:
>    ParaBreakState state;
> which contains a member called "glyphs" which gets memory allocated via
> realloc().  It seems like pango_layout_check_lines() should free "glyphs"
> (and others?) before it goes out of scope.  Can anyone confirm/deny this?
> I'm using Pango 1.3.0.

The contents of "glyphs" is supposed to end up being moved into the
various PangoLayoutRun->glyphs members that result from the layout

Do you have details of the situation in which you think memory is being


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