Pango memory leak

I'm new to Gtk/Pango programming, so I could be wrong here.  But I think
there is a memory leak in the function pango_layout_check_lines().  This
function declares a variable:
   ParaBreakState state;
which contains a member called "glyphs" which gets memory allocated via
realloc().  It seems like pango_layout_check_lines() should free "glyphs"
(and others?) before it goes out of scope.  Can anyone confirm/deny this?
I'm using Pango 1.3.0.

#0  g_realloc (mem=0x0, n_bytes=160) at gmem.c:224
#1  0x0058b591 in pango_glyph_string_set_size (string=0x8e7c420, new_len=5)
at glyphstring.c:69
#2  0x0040c085 in basic_engine_shape () at eval.c:88
#3  0x005911ae in _pango_engine_shape_shape (engine=0x8449d10,
    text=0x8d87f20 "0.000", length=5, analysis=0x8d5e174, glyphs=0x8e7c420)
at pango-engine.c:73
#4  0x0059cf50 in pango_shape (text=0x8d87f20 "0.000", length=5,
    glyphs=0x8e7c420) at shape.c:47
#5  0x00595cf4 in process_item (layout=0x8e7cfe0, line=0x8d72b58,
state=0xbfffbd5c, force_fit=1,
    no_break_at_end=0) at pango-layout.c:2580
#6  0x0059611c in process_line (layout=0x8e7cfe0, state=0xbfffbd5c) at
#7  0x00596880 in pango_layout_check_lines (layout=0x8e7cfe0) at

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