Re: a Wizard/Druid/Assistant widget for gtk

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 22:57, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> My current code was directly lifted from Anders' EggDruid. It provides a
> sidebar where an image can be displayed and a header which contains a
> title, a description and a smaller logo. I've attached a demo (sorry for
> the silly images).

2 points, these are probably discussed later in my backlog of mails :)

Firstly, looking at this image, can we just drop the left hand image
location. My reasons are that most people don't have the skills to make
an image that looks good in there, and so either leaves it blank or puts
a really really tacky looking image. It also reduces the space available
to the druid and I always feel that it makes everything look very
crowded and cramped into this little box in the bottom right corner of
the window. The same feeling I get when sitting in the back of a mini

Secondly, can it be possible to set custom buttons in the button bar.
"Finish" falls into the same category as "Ok" and "Cancel". Finish what?
I like having wizards with buttons like "Import settings" or "Add
contact" rather than simply "Finish".

Sorry if any or all of this is redundant
"Miss Celine Dion sings lovesongs while our cities burn"

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