Re: Win32 keyboard handling changes

On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 15:27, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> Herman Bloggs writes:
>  > Neither the ALT or SHIFT+CTRL input methods work in gtk-2-2.  What is
>  > the plan for this?
> The Shift+Ctrl system works fine here...
> Alt+numpad digits don't (any longe). There is no code to handle
> it. It's hard to say where such code should be added (if at
> all). Re-add complex state handling to gdkevents-win32.c and handle
> WM_CHAR messages, too, just for this purpose? Or do it in a
> GtkIMContext that would be the default on Win32, a subclass of
> GtkImContextSimple (or however it would be implemented)?

I tend to think the best simple solution might be just to 
conditionalize things inside GtkIMContextSimple .. if you
make it a subclass of GtkIMContextSimple, then other input
methods deriving from GtkIMContextSimple won't get the
Alt-digits behavior.

It may take some work to do that cleanly - the code
would probably come out better if you pretended that you
wanted to be able to do both on a single platform and just
conditionalized the bits that turned on the Alt+digits and
the bits that used Win32 specific stuff to look up the
digits in the current codepage.

But to some extent, Alt+KP-digits and Control-Shift-digit
are pretty similar - it's really just a question of what
modifier, what the allowed digit keys are, and what you
do with the digit string.

Note that the control/shift-digits stuff basically needs
to be redone from scratch as well - see:


(As indicated before, I think the *right* thing to do is
to have a GtkIMContextWin32 that uses native facilities
for doing key => string translation, and not using 
GtkIMContextSimple at all. But I don't really know enough
about Win32 to press that point of view.)

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